• Contract Treating

Regency’s Contract Treating business, Zephyr Gas Services LLC (Zephyr), owns and operates a fleet of natural gas contract treating equipment, including amine units, condensate stabilizers, NGL product treaters, glycol dehydration units, gas coolers, dew point control units, NGL product tanks, sulfa treats and thermal oxidizers. All Zephyr equipment is available for lease with full operation and maintenance service as well as bare rental, depending on customer needs. All equipment comes with satellite based, 24/7 on-line monitoring capabilities displaying real time data.

Zephyr’s Modular Quik-Connect (MQC™) design provides unparalleled value for producers by generating revenue sooner. Prefabricated in an ASME code shop, the Zephyr MQC™ design is complete with all piping, controls, instrumentation and electrical, and requires no concrete foundations, thus can be installed in 5 days or less. Conventional units and skid mounted units cannot meet this test, typically taking four to six times longer. MQC™ technology also enables all skids to withstand 120 mph hurricane force winds. Reduced installation and demobilization time lessens total man hours per project thus decreasing total exposure to risk, and that is why Zephyr has one of the best safety records in the industry.

From conception to implementation, Zephyr delivers proven MQC™ technology supported by years of industry experience. Every aspect of a project is designed to maximize gas flow, meet pipeline design specifications and provide the best overall value.

Through innovative design, well maintained equipment, precision project management and an extraordinary safety record, Zephyr supplies the industry with superior treating and processing solutions. Zephyr’s operations are located primarily in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Natural gas contract treating and processing services offered for Zephyr-engineered and designed MQC™ facilities:

  • Project management
  • Installation/demobilization
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Routine UT corrosion testing
  • Area emissions monitoring for H2S, CO2,
    SO2, LEL, VOC and O2

Other services offered include:

  • Safety training (Hazop, PSM, Haz, OSHA)
  • Operations and technical training